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ENS integration (1)
Add customNonce to saturn.js (2)
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Share candlestick charts on telegram / facebook / whatsapp (2)
Favorite token button (2)
Support for ERC20 Airdrop (3)
Congratz on new UI, need darkmode (2)
Layout, info and stats Affiliate Links, Join Robinhood and we'll both get a free stock (3)
Banner for new token listings on the DEX (1)
Adding WalletConnect support for mobile users? (1)
IEO box, opinion (13)
Exchange stats needed on website (6)
Support the Morden (or Kotti) test network (5)
Coin Cap Listings (2)
Atomic swaps for token to token trading (6)
Set up a instant exchange (IEX) also (2)
Idea for new section on forum for projects to host bounty or airdrops campaign (4)
Integrate OHLC Data (7)