0xBUTT (ButtCoin)


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  • Token Name: ButtCoin
  • Symbol: 0xBUTT
  • Contract: 0x7C1056ac0F7D223C4297e0c683453EE625011B1f
  • Website: http://www.0xbutt.com/

What does ButtCoin (0xBUTT) do?

  • Mineable token (POW) with greater differences than a BTC as explained below.
  • Every 3 years of the mining inactivity, the mining difficulty decreases.
  • Every 95% of the token burning, the mining difficulty decreases.
  • Every mining epoch the difficulty increases.
  • Every mining epoch the amount of awarded tokens increases.
  • Every transaction is burning 1% of a token by sending it to address(0).
  • Every transaction is sending 1% to a previous sender, and therefore rewards transactions (and may cover transaction fees, extra earnings are possible).
  • Every mining award correlates the mining difficulty, and miners simply get paid for the work they did.
  • Mining can go to infinity, and is regulated by token burning and the rapid mining difficulty increase.

0xBUTT model is meant to achieve the following:

  • Fair distribution and fair awards according to the work performed and the wasted electricity.
  • Given the increasing mining difficulty, it encourages the smart mining that is done only when necessary (rather than wasting the electricity by the constant mining).
  • A deflationary currency which prevents the market manipulation.
  • A currency that does not become a store of value, since it is always mine-able.
  • A currency model that can simply exist forever and cannot be destroyed or manipulated since it can be mined to infinity.
  • Encourages the growth of technology as a solution, rather than manipulation of the market by people who have enough money to invest into mining farms.
  • Encourages people to combine their mining powers together rather than letting the mining clusters compete for the resources.
  • The combined mining encourages the greater distribution of a token, and therefore, less manipulation.
  • Burning of a token with the rapid mining difficulty increase makes sure that there are more deflationary periods and that inflation happens by mining and in short periods.

To note:
-No pre-mining.
-4% pre-minted as a kick-start only (equally divided to community, exchanges, and developer fees/maintenance).
-4% becomes insignificant and lost over time, since the token can be mined and burned to infinity.
-Circulating supply is always a total and a current supply, since it can be mined to infinity.


Welcome! I suggest you go through the full self-listing process to reap full benefits of Saturn listing


Thank you, however, there is one problem. Metamask as well as the Saturn wallets do not connect. I have tried with Chrome as well as Firefox, and also have tired removing/adding as well as turning on/off the wallets. I am not sure why or what the issue is, but would gladly trouble-shoot it for you.


Try one of these


It could be addblocks. I will also try a VirtualBox using windows 7, since I am on a Linux… will let you know as soon as I find out.


EDIT: More issues found, I will come back when app is not in a beta.

OK I got it working on Windows 7.

Metamask on Chrome (Linux OS) without addblocks - did not work
Satrurn wallet on Chrome (Windows 7) without addblocks - WORKS!

PS you may want to get a VirtualBox and a copy of a LinuxMint to see whether you can replicate the issue.