0xMonero- a mineable privacy token on the Ethereum blockchain

  • Token Name: 0xMonero
  • Symbol: 0xMR
  • Contract: 0x035df12e0f3ac6671126525f1015e47d79dfeddf
  • Initial Exchange Offering? none
  • Website: https://0xMonero.com

0xMonero $0xMR is a privacy focused mineable token on the Ethereum Blockchain. There was no ico or pre-mine and since it’s a community project with no founders to dump on you. Everyone is welcome to join in and start mining, and since the project is less than a week old, the mining difficulty is low.

We are implementing privacy for 0xMonero in a variety of ways including second layer solutions and a native privacy token (standard zkERC20) with optional swaps via a smart contract.

To learn more please visit our website at [https://0xMonero.com]
You can find links to our Twitter and Telegram there, come join us!


0xMonero has implemented zk-SNARKs privacy, please see the website https://0xMonero.com for more information

0xMonero has partnered with OreCoinGames.com. You can now gamble with 0xMR tokens on the casino.