300$ COINSBIT Game - Airdrop CNG

:rocket:COINSBIT Game - Airdrop CNG
:gift:Reward: 30000 CNG ~ 300$
:busts_in_silhouette:Referral: 30000 CNG ~ 300$

:red_circle: Register here : https://clck.ru/MHEYn

:radio_button: Register Account
:radio_button: Enter email & Verify
:radio_button: Do KYC and Get Approved
:radio_button: Check Balance

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Thanks for the share! Though I always say, if you need to do submit a KYC for an airdrop then something is wrong. Ask yourself, is $300 enough for your identification documents to be stolen?

I agree Sam. Click.ru. Is that Russian?

I did the first airdrop of CNB on Coinsbit 4 months ago:
2000 CNB Token=200 $$$ they told…

When the market for CNB open(00:00 31/12-01/01) they block the market, make the token sign the price(for 200$) and after that go to hell.
After some hours they open the market for everyone after the token already lost 80/90% of the price(fake price) signed.

After one months they make new airdrop where they give 30000 CNB for signed referral…

If you already signed with Coinsbit You don’t receive any CNG:
if you want some you must make new referral.

On the first Airdrop after I already have 20 referral they change the rules:
referral who did not KYC is nothing, You don’t receive nothing, You see the value on the dashboard but zero token without kyc.

Maybe this time is different?

It can be, CNG is a casino on line, so they are generous with first offer for new clients, but remember my story…

What I do?
I put some of my referral link for CNG out there, after all I already inside Coinsbit as KYC, but to promote for them It’s a very risky thing remember…

This is my affiliate link for CNG:

CNG $ 300?