5 most potential Crypto to hold in 2019


Hello great community. I am CONC, i will like to share in what the community thinks the 5. Most potential crypto to hold in 2019 are and why you think so.



Saturn and Saturn Classic.


There is no doubt that Saturn Classic and Saturn are way undervalued and deserve everyone’s sincere look at investing. There are several solid cryptos for a new person getting involved that would be worth checking out such as BTC and ETH and ETC are all solid currencies to watch and learn about. Had you bought some ETH or BTC you could have tripled your investment in both BTC and ETH I think. Maybe doubled it in ETC and LTC… Ripple the XRP has a ton of news out and there are others that might be worth looking into. Depends on what your end game is really. If you just want to play with some crypto and get started then likely stick with the top crytpos. If you are a risk taker there are 181 Tokens on the Saturn Exchange and many have serious value propositions. OMG, DAI, Stish, ETHOS, BAT, There are so many now. I have been wanting to buy some LISK, WAVES, and a few more just to say I have some. Top 10 might be easier for me.


That is a great question, and welcome @Cryptoconc or CONC to the Saturn.Network. So, what do you think about the community so far? You have been here long enough to give us some honest feedback and the DEV TEAM loves to hear what the community has to say, good and bad. This community is probably the best at responding to questions and issues in a quick, efficient manner and they explain things in a way that even I understand. Now to your question my top 5 cryptos to HODL in 2019 is 1.) Bitcoin, 2.) Bitcoin Cash, 3.) Ethereum, 4.) Ethereum Classic and 5.) Saturn. Now, the reason for those choices? I have no real logic or reasoning , but BTC and BCH are from a fork, same with ETH and ETC and I think they will continue to rival each other as Ego’s and Attitude’s continue to be what causes division and as the bankers fund both sides of a war, owning BTC and BCH along with ETH and ETC is kind of the same thing, isn’t it?


Exactly what i also would say!