Ace Wins (ACW) - A Casino Token that pays HODL Rewards and BTC Dividends

Ace Wins


Ace Wins Casino - A First of its kind Token of the Gambling World that pays you up to 21% a month as a HODL Rewards automatically just for holding the tokens!

AceWins launched on 24 November, 2018 is an online Crypto Casino and an ERC-20 Gambling Token (ACW). ACW Tokens have inbuilt HODL rewards system, which pays you HODL rewards, automatically up to 21% a month. The HODL Rewards are credited automatically to your wallet after the addition of every block to the Ethereum Blockchain which sums to 21% a month (approximately), if you allow the rewards to compound. After every year, the HODL Rewards get halved to prevent inflation.

Since the tokens pay you HODL Rewards, the initial supply is limited to 12,500,000 tokens. The balance in the burn address along with the HODL rewards piled up to a huge total supply. To avoid confusion, we created and deployed a new smart contract Ace Wins (ACW) with 12.5 million total supply on Nov-01-2019 09:26:29 PM +UTC and distributed the equal amount of ACW tokens to all the ACE holders. The old smart contract (0xbffdd152a9da1eda4afcc550fb1c789019e75334) and the ACE Tokens are not valid any longer. ACW is the new token and 0xd29fa4b8cc936a68bb560b19eed969ebfdbaa565 is the new smart contract address effective after Nov-01-2019 09:26:29 PM +UTC. 60 Percent of the casino’s net revenue is distributed to the ACW token holders proportionally as dividends. The more ACW tokens you hold, the more dividends you may get.


ACEWiNS is a gambling platform that is still in ICO/Crowdfund phase. At the present time black jack is operational and pretty good in fact. I have seen the roulette, but needs to be dialed in still. the dev is very talented and stand up guy - his name is Ace in fact - but defi check it out
up coming in next few weeks Poker P2P, and roulette soon
Sports and live dealer black jack soon after.



ALSO THOUGH - whats actually really cool about the ACEWIN token, is that you get HODL rewards just holding in your WALLET

so the last couple months i have gotten about 25% per month just for hodl’ing
and be honest i have no idea how that works or the devs do/did it… but yeah just hodling the them in wallet you get like 1% / day
AND in your wallet on the blackjack- same goes for your winnings.
i like the black jack
i started with about 200 tokens for like 100$, i now have over 4K between winnings and hodl rewards

also to be released soon (like next also) is the internal exchange- so they plan to launch it the internal exchange for around 3$ per ace. it will prolly drop down to 1$ but who knows.

just letting you know
im not part of team, just a gambler

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Cool! Thanks for the details, I did find it a little difficult to find out information about their token & it appears their roulette game is being hosted on a different domain? Glad to hear it all seems to be working & is legit.

If you know any of the team feel free to let them know they can come & provide an official announcement here.


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Nice welcome to our platform @ACEWINS ! Thank you for your announcement, I have transferred ownership of this thread to you. So if you want to edit it and add any links to your project please go ahead.

Another thing you can do is add your token to Coinpaprika as they have listed our exchange:

Good luck!

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Thank you sam. Ill edit the First post once i have every thing ready as i said in my previous post. Ill add the tokens at coinpaprika once i have everything ready.

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Now ACE WINS is relaunched with passive income option. Visit the website to know more…

1 Like is revamped. Please visit the site again. Poker is live.

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Hi Ace,

Could you clarify: do the 21% divdends get paid out in more ACW tokens? We don’t have to do anything else other than hold them in our Saturn wallet? IIs there a way to earn divs paid in ETH?


The hodl rewards up to 21% a month will be paid in ACW tokens automatically if you just hold the tokens in your saturn or metamask wallet. (you need not do anything else). If you want the divs in btc, you have to deposit the acw tokens in the dashboard. You will get a share from the acewins’s revenue in btc. 60 percent of the net revenue of acewins is distributed to the acw token holders as divs.

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