Adding custom ETH or ETC tokens



You can easily add any custom ETH or ETC tokens into Saturn Wallet, you will find we do pre-list every token supported on Radex.

For this example we will add the Saturn Classic DAO token to Saturn Wallet, here are the token details:

Saturn Classic DAO Token
Token Contract Address: 0xAC55641Cbb734bdf6510d1bBd62E240c2409040f
Token Symbol: SATURN
Blockchain: Ethereum Classic
Token Standard: ERC223
Decimals: 4

  1. Before adding a token be sure to set the correct network in the top right alternatively you will not see your balance, Saturn Classic is a ETC token so for this example I have selected “ETC Main Network.”

  2. Once you are on the correct network for your custom token, click “Tokens” and then “Add token.”

  3. Fill in the required information:

  4. After you click “Add” You will then see the token added into your wallet and your current balance:

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