[AIRDROP] ONEX Network Proof-of-Stake Smart Contract [ETC]


Great glad you got them…


Im new here on saturn if you feel like airdropping me …


Hello Glad to see you.


Loving ONEX and every idea about it, every meaning behind it too! just wished I was here for the airdrop - any potential future airdrops or anything similar?

Fellow ONEX hodler



You can search for ONEX with IZX App, not tried myself but people are liking it:


Thanks @BobyCrypto for your support and kind words…


I don’t know why but it seems some tojens are in peoples yard and I don’t want to get shot for a token. I forget about the app when I am out so I have yet to get any tokens from this airdrop. I am not giving up and love the idea behind this airdrop. Always coming up with new and fresh ways to give away tokens is doing that what is right. I am going to go get me some tokens before the airdrop ends. I will let you know how it goes unless I get shot, lol. Remember I do live in Gun Barrel City, Texas.


Yeah sorry about that, seems they just dont get 2 fucks where they land…