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If you have any feedback or suggestions for our Airdrop Suite Tool, please let us know here.

We love to hear new ideas and thoughts, so if you think we can make something easier or that our tool is missing a feature then feel free to make a suggestion!

In the meantime, enjoy your airdropping!

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Hi SaturnFam.
I just used the airdrop tool to distribute tokens.
The whole setting up the tools is smooth and easy experience.
I had one issue tho, I kept getting a message telling me “Must specify token address” which I did.
After trouble shooting the issue with Sam, I was able to solve the problem. My Saturn wallet has many accounts so the issue was that the airdrop tool couldn’t find the right wallet that contained the tokens, that is what I think. To resolve this I used -p instead of -m in the airdrop tools’ code and the Private key for the wallet that contained the tokens instead of using the 12 word Seed phrase, and everything was smooth after that. It was so fast. the tool will save you a lot of time when airdropping tokens to many people.

Use it you will see. It is great!

Thanks Team!


Hallo @sam

I just trying AIrdrop Tools, follow all procedure and get error message below :slight_smile:


Wow After some more test is completely done
sorry maybe i am wrong

saturn network excellet :slight_smile:


token standard is ERC223 :slight_smile:


It literally tells you Wrong token standard ER223.

Try using ERC223


Glad you figured it out! Let us know when your community receives your airdrop :fire:

I would also recommend you install Hyper Terminal strictly for emoji support - make everything more fun. Try installing and doing another airdrop with Hyper!

And now that you have figured out how to install node.js and a terminal you might want to start mining GasToken