Alright that's it


This weekend will be enlightening for many Saturn.Network users… Have a great Friday :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to find out more!


Saturn.Network is awesome! The end! :slight_smile:


@Anarchypedia I am kind of excited, but yet a little concerned about how exactly we will enlightened this weekend? I sure hope it is a good/positive enlightenment because I don’t need any more bad/negative enlightenment in my life. Come on can you give us a hint? It is Saturday morning here in Gun Barrel City, Texas


@Anarchypedia that was the enlightenment “Saturn.Network is awesome!” Anybody that has made a trade or even just read the blogs knows that, it is no secret. The enlightenment is that if you haven’t been using the Saturn.Network you are missing out because these people running the network launched this trading platform at the perfect time and the network continues to improve and grow, it truly is an Awesome network. Get you some @Stish in your portfolio. Heck I recommend getting a little or a lot of each coin/token offered.


I’ve seen your posts, @fhstralow, and you seem like a decent person, but anyone can easily be anyone they want by anonymously sitting behind a computer screen. I don’t wish to offend you when I laugh…but LOL, stish…
Really? stish? LOL, sir…RIP…
Have you ever explored the ETC or ETH blockchain? I suggest you look into the contract addy and see which wallet created stish and then see where the funding for stish came from…you can keep a ledger of your findings and cross reference the data to see other activity that has happened. Plus, the stish platform navigation moves slower than molasses in winter. stish TRULY sucks asssss and it will never be in my portfolio. Shout out to Winter :wink: …and ass.
If I ever found stish in my wallet, i’d send it to a random address.
Let me know if you’d like to see some of my findings on the ETC and ETH blockchain, and let me know the critical severity of the info you’d like to see. Origins of this data could be damaging. :wink:
I still like Saturn because it’s the only network that teaches people how to do certain things and even though the network lacks popularity, it’s the only place I know of that you can earn 100-1000x gains in the crypto market. For these reasons, I remain a non-threat. I cannot speak for my peers though, as we don’t always see eye to eye.


We really don’t mind people calling projects out and giving their honest opinion, but I prefer to see constructive criticism over just laughing or insulting someone’s work. As you said we like to teach, so giving feedback for improvement is something everyone can do.


I really like you @Sam, and I respect you, so i’ll be respectful at your request. My apologies for the offense, but i’ll never use stish, and I won’t even capitalize the first letter of the name because I know who’s behind it and I know what they are about. I was offended that someone would give such financial advice, that I get such currency in my portfolio. No amount of profit is worth contributing to the growth of deceitful evil.