AMIS Token hits Saturn's floor



AMIS offers more than any other Asset Mediation Instrument Solution ecosystem with its unique crypto reward distribution/exhaustion model. For the first time ever AMIS lets you in total control of your investments with the use of decentralized infrastructure that retain the value of your digital assets in addition to providing hedging capabilities when market conditions are subject to high volatility. Ultimately we want to see people relax and enjoy life.

The AMIS Mission is crystal clear: " Become a prominent player for people who are passionate about Asset Management Instruments Solutions in the crypto space. All while distributing AMIS to members who contribute to the growth of the AMIS community."


Welcome @AMIS_ERC20 glad you found us!

If you are interested in using Saturn Launchpad to raise funds via an Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering (IDEO), you can find all the details here:

And if you need any help then just ask.


@AMIS_ERC20 hows it going? Feel free to let us know if you need any support with helping your community trade on Saturn Network :+1: