Anarchy is coming


Thank you to those who have participated in our Twitter airdrops and thank you to everyone at Saturn and the investors of the DAO. Hello to all newcomers and welcome to the community.
Forgive us for not presenting our whitepaper. We do not currently have a finished version, so for now, please follow our twitter @Anarchypedia for all our updates.
We plan to have a database that will allow writers to post articles and earn ANTI tokens. Editors will be needed to confirm the validity
of the writers’ work and will also earn tokens for confirming. The community will need to work together in order to help eachother earn tokens.
There will be token farming prevention methods implemented, as well as anonymity abilities,
and we are brainstorming daily on how to increase the desire to use Anarchypedia.
There is a mock website at but this is just a sample of what we will come up with.
The end result will be something very different from what is currently online. You cannot currently earn tokens as a writer or an editor and
that will come with time. We appreciate the Saturn Network for the opportunity to create the token with ease,
and list the token for free. Without Saturn Network, we would have continued to keep our heads down for a
considerable amount of time longer, in order to progress Anarchypedia to a point that we can feel comfortable with promoting the product.
We saw Saturn Network as a great opportunity to start growing, and the engaged community was an added incentive for us
to get involved and decided to move forward with it. We will need help with several areas and have set tokens aside for those who wish to help us
make progress and finish the platform. Currently, we don’t feel the need to list ANTI tokens on any exchanges because in our overall opinion,
it is still early for us and we don’t want to promise anything we cannot deliver. We do have the tokenonomics of the system figured out, minus the inevitable
curve balls that society loves to throw into the mix. We would like to retain a bit of mystere circulating our project,
so we thank you ahead of time for you patience and any interest you may offer. We have valuable information to share with you about our token,
but we love suspense and we hope you do too, so please follow our Twitter and we will post the information near the end of this week!
For now, these tokens are tradeable, but we highly recommend you acquire as many as you can, and hold onto them.
Thank you for reading, as we know the value of your time is priceless.


Reading this warms my heart. This is exactly what we are striving to accomplish.

By reducing the barriers to kickstart a project we are helping the builders innovate faster and cheaper, which should result in economic growth for the whole humanity.

Best of luck to you with your project!


Cool! Thanks for the update and introduction, just heads up I can’t seem to access your website at all it says it is forbidden?

Good look with devloping your platform & will be watching for updates =)