Anarchypedia- A brief introduction


The Anarchypedia blockchain platform is the data recording medium which enables users to remain anonymous while interacting and responding to multiple
commands within the database, as well as have the ability to complete tasks and contribute/collaborate with others on the blockchain while being
uniquely identified as an anonymous user to the public. We will cover this in detail in our white paper. Multiple privacy options will be offered. Anarchypedia users powerful knowledge and
advantages within their communities, and the advantage users are offered over non-users within a community, is an exponential increase in response time. More to be covered in the white paper.
Even if there was only one user within a small community, the Anarchypedia platform advantages can be shared with the rest of the community within a matter of minutes by using Anarchypedia’s unique privacy prototype called,
“Phantom Conceal Privacy” We have so much to share in the white paper, which is being developed and will be completed soon.
Anarchypedia’s brilliant recriprocation incentives are enough to guarantee that this platform’s token a great
incentive for non-users to get involved and enable unimagineable power for themselves.
Thank you for your interest and support. Stay tuned. #AnarchyIsComing

List of Assets (ETC)

Welcome! Glad you have made an introduction topic, our community was starting to wonder what this ANTI token was about.

Good luck!