[ANN] [AIRDROP] - CentasaveX Token (CSX)


Everyone’s Wealth always starts with a single Cent. Start saving now with Centasavex! CentasaveX aims to guide people in saving cryptocurrency from a little amount to a bigger amount that can be used in the future. CentasaveX is the power of Saving Crypto!

Let’s Start saving CentasaveX

CentasaveX is a Cryptocurrency Token based on Ethereum Platform and Waves Platform. We aim to give you free token to save now and use in the near future.

Claim for Free
CentasaveX is free token which you can acquire just by claiming into CentasaveX Faucet.

Fast and Safe
CentasaveX ensures fast and secure decentralized transactions using Waves and Ethereum Blockchain.

Start staking with your CentasaveX savings and earn percentage every day.

Income Solution
CentasaveX is the key for your low income solution. CentasaveX is available on market using Waves Decentralized Exchange and Saturn Network. Start trading and HODL More!

Let’s Save and Earn together

Market Value of CentasaveX ’ CSX can be obtained using BlockFolio and Coingecko. You can Trade your CentasaveX token at any time.

Token Informations:

Token Name: CentasaveX
Symbol: CSX
Max Supply: 10,000,000
Decimals: 8
Contract Address: 0x091b0172f8f13d69fa2b7cc0df520bd69ce92f55

Website: https://centasavex.site/
Telegram Group: t.me/centasavex


For Airdrops Please Read and Fill Up the Form;


All done! Thank you for opportunity. I have completed airdrop form with ETH address set as:


Nice Project with great rewards.

Nice project



Nice to hear this project👍


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Thanks for the offer.
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