[ann] [bgf] biograffi token


Token Name


  • Symbol: BGF

  • Contract: 0xA8DaA52DEd91F7C82b4BB02B4b87c6a841Db1fD5

  • Standard:ERC20

Tokenomics: We have a 1Billion hard cap of the supply of $BGF

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BIOGRAFFI is an Ethereum based social media app that provides a phenomenal way for users to create and share their life stories. The posts range from their likes and dislikes to their hobbies, with other users. The application aims at combining the features of social media and the crypto world. Biograffi also seeks to offers users with a pleasant social media experience, as it will ensure that there are no spam posts or post that are irrelevant and uninteresting.

The main competitive advantage of the application is the fact that it will enable users to earn Biograffi (BGF) tokens when they create and share the biography, which can be about the different aspects of a user’s life.

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How Biograffi lockchain Social Network Biography App Works

A user’s earning are updated daily and they can analyze the percentage of their earnings in real time. Users can earn the BGF tokens in various ways such as:

  • Creating and posting life stories within the application. The level of earning depends on the number of times a user posts and how relevant and interesting the post is. The post earning will also increase according to the number of times the post is shared.
  • Downloading and registering on the application will earn users 500 BGF
  • Any new friends that a user adds in Biograffi will earn the users more BGF tokens.
  • The platform also has a daily bounty program that will distribute 100,000 BGF tokens among all the users based on their post count.
  • Users can also receive the tokens as rewards from others users who like the content of their posts.


Welcome! Thank you for the announcement about Biograffi, will check it out :slight_smile: you can also list BGF on our exchange & upload your token logo for display across Saturn’s products just follow this tutorial:

Let me know if you need any help!