[ANN] Commonwealth: A Peer to Peer Algorithmic Bank -- Built on top of P3C.io



The whitepaper has just been released and is available here: https://p3c.io/doc-assets/commonwealth.pdf

Abstract: Commonwealth is an algorithmic bank that allows its users to own micro-equity and share fees from its use. Whenever a payment is made through Commonwealth, a portion is distributed instantly as a dividend to every participant who holds a P3C token. Service providers and users in the sharing economy can accept P3C in exchange for work, and become part owner. To create new P3C to pay service providers, we deposit a base currency into a smart contract which generates fees paid to the whole network. At any time, holders can redeem their P3C to withdraw the base currency, or choose to hold and compound dividends. Multiple independent organizations can pay service providers in P3C and all participants win if any one organization succeeds.