[ANN] P9DATA! Decentralized Recording Label Fueled By Ether! [$25k Jackpot Prize! + More!]



(scroll down to post #15 or 16 for details regarding all 5 prizes available including the jackpot prize and any rules and conditions which apply)

Name: P9 Database Token

Symbol: P9DATA

Decimals: 4

Total Supply: 2,500,000,000

1 ETC = 5000 P9DATA

Contract Address: 0x508b2df04fad2d6d615e5976df13d429f007457c

Proof of Functional Contract (Blockscout ETC Explorer): https://goo.gl/3QnExF

1024x1024 Full Size Transparent P9DATA Token Symbol:

Full Q&A Featured On: www.philthy95.com/p9database.html

I am extremely proud to share with you, a project which I am very proud of and am absolutely wholly devoted to . The P9DATA Token is intended to act as a primary means of funding which will be needed in order to get the 2DECENT Recordings project started and ready for lift off. Now, full details will be disclosed in the whitepaper or the Q&A which is nearing completion and will be released the moment its covered absolutely everything in at least the most simplest form we can possibly provide… that way we can at least get all you guys a v1.0 and from there we can introduce revisions until we’re satisfied enough to edit and deliver an official final release. At this time, please refer to this page for a brief introduction to the project, the link above will deliver you to a wealth of information in the form of a very detailed Q&A, which we’ve made just as comprehensive as the whitepaper itself… Regardless though, a whitepaper is an essential component for any crowdfunding, ICO, startup proposal… and with that being said we don’t plan to deviate from the plan in this regard. With that being said this is what I can share with you at this time:

2DECENT Recordings is a brand name which was developed with the primary intent of launching 2 Record Labels under the umbrella of. One label consisting and catering to the Rap & Hip-Hop Genre, the other primarily delivering Electronic Dance Music. Of course in the future you will find Merchandise such as clothing, accessories, decals and other various swag… Eventually the sky will be the limit but lets keep things simple for now so I can get you all on board with the idea, then we get to the sky :sun_behind_small_cloud: :star_struck: (Anyways now here comes the fun part). The 2DECENT Recordings Project will ultimately utilize Swarm as a means of Decentralized storage for the content created by Artists signed to each of our labels. Along with a Swarm Database devoted specifically to showcasing the most premium content we have to offer, otherwise known as a “Label Showcase” (also, all of this will of course be easily accessible by the common listener and nobody will need to personally actually need to access the Swarm Database, web pages with aesthetically pleasing UX will be securely accessible by our listeners. We will take care of the complicated stuff :+1: ). Besides the Label Showcase, each Artist will have their own distribution channel which they will be granted a great deal of discretion to choose how they would like to utilize, however if analytics prove the Artists methods are not proving to be wise, Our team of professionals would act according to ensure our resources our being used with optimal efficiency and to ultimately ensure our Artists content is reaching the right people. Furthermore, at some point, we wish for Swarm to eventually serve as a private distribution network which would hopefully deliver subscribers with fresh content created by their favorite Artists as soon as the artist uploads it to their personal Swarm database. If you arent familiar with Swarm, Swarm is a distributed storage platform and content distribution service which was introduced by Ethereum. Swarm plays an integral and significant role in Ethereums ultimate goal to develop a Decentralized Web. Artists signed to 2DECENT Recordings will receive any earnings owed to them resulting from content served via the Swarm Database in the form of Ether. These types of payments earned from subscription based services powered by Swarm will be handled Automatically by a series of Smart Contracts which eliminates the need for a Centralized Authority… This is a mere glimpse into our grand master plan and what we have planned for the bright future of 2DECENT Recordings.

After spending an abundance of time with fellow Musicians, Lyricists/Rappers, DJs and Producers, I discovered that there is a desire on both ends of the spectrum for collaboration between Artists from both the Rap & Hip-Hop Genre as well as Artists from the Electronic Dance Music Genre. However regardless of this desire, not much collaboration has occurred between the two genres or any of the works which have been created, of course with a few rare exceptions, have been lacking of quality. With the launching of the 2DECENT brand, we are confident that we can change this and we’ve got a number of ideas which we look forward to implementing which I believe is guaranteed to spark excitement and interest among music lovers within the cryptosphere! Please continue reading to find further information in one or more of the following posts!

Thank you! all questions are welcome!

List of Assets (ETC)

250x250 Transparent P9DATA Token Symbol:


P9DATA Token Technical Details & Important Information:


P9DATA Token Introduces 2DECENT Recordings:


Funds Distribution Plan For Initial 2DECENT Recordings Launch:


Welcome! Great to finally have an introduction to P9DATA token, can’t wait to see the website & good luck!


Thanks Sam, The team and I greatly appreciate the positive vibes and we are very grateful for your teams work regarding everything you’ve been doing for all of us Crypto Enthusiasts! Keep up the great work! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey everyone! Heads up, The Website is functional and you all can go visit it now!


Working out blips as we speak, but for now, that page seems to be legit! Although I need to fix the landing page after an email address is ebntered because the contract address was rasterized and should have been copyable… *sigh…


Nice well done!


what do yall think of the ad I made at the top of the OP? :smiley:


Very nice =) are you planning to buy some ad space? If you are happy to maybe share the service you use and the results, I am sure some our community will be interested.


Not having much luck in that regard sam :frowning:


Don’t worry sure you will get there =)


Thanks Sam!

For now, here are some updates:

Click Here To View ICO Info On ICONeat.com

Currently Awaiting KYC Verification To Be Completed By ICONeat…


We have an interview scheduled for KYC purposes with the guys and gals over at Coinschedule on Wednesday, November 14th 2018!
This will greatly affect our Trust rating! so we are very excited and can’t wait to share the news!
I or a member of our team will be sure to get on here and post an update ASAP! ;D

Current Trust Score:

View Our ICO On CoinSchedule By Clicking The Image Below:

Thats what I got for yall as of now!


Man, your ICO is already ranked higher than ours! Seems legit


As you may or may not have noticed, at the bottom of the “Funds Distribution” chart, you will see that a small segment of the chart shows that a small amount of the funds raised will be allocated for some sort of mysterious “Jackpot Prize”… Some of you might be curious what exactly that is referring to and our team has finally come to an agreement on the details, terms and conditions regarding the offering. So, without further delay, below you will find the…


  • There Will Be A Total Of 5 Lucky Winners.
  • The Prizes For Each Position Are:
    Jackpot Prize Winner: $25,000 (2500 ETC)
    2nd Pick: $10,000 (1000 ETC)
    3rd Pick: $7,500 (750 ETC)
    4th Pick: $5,000 (500 ETC)
    5th Pick: $2,500 (250 ETC)

In total $50,000 is up for grabs!

In the event we successfully reach our Hard Cap by the time our Token Sale comes to a close on Feb 4th 2019, The prizes will expand and grow substantially! Should we reach our Hard Cap the following will be the new prize pool!

Prizes / Winners if we reach our hard cap!

  • If we reach our Hard Cap the number of winners will double, from 5 to 10.
  • The JACKPOT PRIZE will double from $25k to $50k
  • All prizes including the Jackpot:
    • 5,000 ETC
    • 2,500 ETC
    • 1,000 ETC
    • 750 ETC
    • 500 ETC
    • 250 ETC
    • 200 ETC
    • 150 ETC
    • 100 ETC
    • 75 ETC

$105,250 In prizes!! LETS DO IT!!!


  • You must be a participant in the P9DATA Token Sale in order to qualify for the lottery drawing.
  • In order to keep things fair, a minimum contribution of ATLEAST 2.5 ETC is necessary to become eligible and have your wallet address entered in the lottery.
  • You must make your contribution(s) before February 4th, 2019 in order to have them be counted.


  • You MAY enter multiple times in order to increase your odds of winning.
  • The total number of times you are permitted to enter is 20 (which is equivalent to a contribution of 50 ETC)
  • You are of course permitted to contribute MORE than 50 ETC to the Token Sale, just keep in mind that it won’t increase your odds of winning any further than that.
  • For example: If a participant were to contribute 10 ETC to the P9DATA Contract Address, The wallet address used would be added to the “random name picker” 4 times. Thus increasing the odds of winning, multiplying them by 4.
  • Must Be 18 or 21 Years Of Age To Participate
  • Other than that, anyone can participate!

Important Details

  • Your wallet address acts as your lottery ticket.
  • Ner the end of the Token Sale we will announce a date shortly after where we will live stream the lottery drawing.
  • The live stream Will Be On Twitter and the video will be viewable up to 2 weeks following the drawing.
  • In the video each winner will be announced via the participants first and last 3 digits of his or her wallet address.
  • Regardless, the announcement changes nothing about the outcome of the lottery. As each winning address is chosen at random by a trusted “random name picker” (only in this regard, rather than names, addresses will be entered into the generator…) whichever prize the participant has won will be sent to the address called by the generator prior to the announcement of the following winning address.
  • What this means is that winnings will be sent out to the chosen addresses on the spot, during the live stream.

We think this will be a fun addition to the Token Sale and we wish anyone who would like to try their chances at winning the best of luck!


Thanks Neuron!


hot hotter P9 :rocket::rocket:


Thanks for participating in the token sale everyone! We have big things in store for the future! and this is only the beginning!


Update on our trust score!