[ANN] P9DATA! Decentralized Recording Label Fueled By Ether! [$25k Jackpot Prize! + More!]



Another day, another extremely long exhausting crammed agenda!
We have a bright future ahead of us but for the next 80 days or so, its nothing but crunch time!


Updated the jackpot rules and am uploading revised update to the website. check it out shortly.


Statistics from our current ad campaign over the last 5 days or so…

Oh and @sam the site I’m using to serve my ads is a-ads.com

I’m making a topic about them right now for everyone if there isn’t already one.


Nice! Thanks for the reply & yes I think many would be interested in your results, would be great to have a review about their service.

Ad campaigns are difficult especially when trying to target people interested in crypto, thought given your project concerns the music industry you may be able to be a little more broad.

Good luck!


love the transparency! Maybe you could add your findings to our list


It appears the link to this thread on the “token info” page is broken as it leads to an error. can someone fix it when you have a chance? I really appreciate it :slight_smile:


I’d like to gather more understanding myself before sharing my insight… Its a bit strange indeed… As the P9DATA ICO continues to be listed across numerous new ICO websites which I never signed up for… and you wonder who is putting in the time or effort to create these pages… or is it all automated? and someone is doing it via script? Also, every ICO page has different descriptions for the P9DATA project lol…

The only ICO platform we paid to be on is Coinschedule. it costed 0.02 BTC


Yes, if you amend the title of this thread then the link will change. All the information you find on the “Token Info” page is pulled from our Assets section in our Github which you can find here: https://github.com/saturn-network/assets

I will submit an update for you, but in the future if you change the topic title then that is what you will need to do to ensure it stays updated :slight_smile: Thanks!

A lot of these websites just pull all their information from one source, so you pay once and end up being on multiple websites… I mean not a bad thing I guess? Or sometimes Coinschedule may just have 10 mirrors of its own site.