[ANN] PesaPepe (PEP) – A Token to foster understanding and adoption of Cryptocurrencies. No ICO


Name: PesaPepe

Symbol: PEP

Blockchain: Ethereum

Standard: ERC-20

Total Supply: 900,000,000

Contract Address: 0x61630fd1f65a7b72af8e9faa6e2646080131f501

Etherscan link: https://etherscan.io/token/0x61630fd1f65a7b72af8e9faa6e2646080131f501

Website: www.pesapepe.org

An exceptional project starting in the third world in Africa and expecting to expand further. We have in mind the large population that is left behind by the crypto wave. We are going after them. We go down to local communities and individuals who have never heard about cryptocurrency or blockchain technology but are able at least to use a smartphone. We take them one step at a time towards Blockchain. Everything explained in a simplified manner. No technical jargon. Our aim is to bring everyone into a basic understanding on how to use cryptocurrencies. The massive adoption of mobile payment platforms in Africa has inspired the birth of PEP project. The core philosophy is SIMPLICITY. No one should be left behind. Everything explained in a manner that will never scare anyone. Whoever can use a smartphone (and there are millions) should be able to use cryptocurrency. Blockchain and cryptocurrency is most of the time explained in a manner that is scaring for newcomers. We conduct face to face training for small groups and award the participants with one PEP token for each hour spent in a classroom session( 1PEP = $1). The participation is FREE of charge. Visit the project website for more details: www.pesapepe.org.

Come join the new movement and be a part of the token that will be the most traded in the third world countries and expanding to the rest of the world. There are also opportunities for those who want to join our team. Drop us a line at [email protected].


Very cool! Projects focusing on helping new people onboard into crypto should help with global adoption :slight_smile: Good luck!


Thanks for your comments. We want to help those left behind to catch up with crypto.


Maybe creating a pull-request on GitHub will become part of your curriculum?

How to add an ETH token to Saturn Network’s token registry on GitHub

  1. go here https://github.com/saturn-network/assets/blob/master/eth/tokens.json

  2. Click the pencil button

  3. Make your changes to the JSON file

  4. Explain your changes and click the big green button


We will surely take that into consideration after the participants have acquired the basic knowledge on cryptocurrency and blockchain. Most of our participants are not computer-savy and have never heard about bitcoin or cryptocurrency.


Did you manage to follow the guide I posted above? Let me know if you are still having issues.


Yes! I submitted a PR yesterday and was merged:smile:


You probably merged it somewhere else. I do not see your pull request here

You might want to try again. The result of successful merge is easy to diagnose - when you switch to Ethereum network in Saturn Wallet you should see your token with your beautiful logo appear under the Tokens section (if your balance is > 0)


Mhh! Let me check again. Thanks for checking. Does the token appear in the wallet immediately after merging? I might have confused this information with listing on the exchange I think!


Pretty much immediately.



Can you please check the screenshot and see where I went wrong?


You created a pull request to your own fork of the repo and merged it yourself. While very cool it is not practical, as you should have sent a pull request to our repo.

You can easily tell that it is your fork by looking at the url:


Here is what a correct url looks like:

If those words mean nothing to you and just cause more confusion then I would advice to simply start from scratch and follow the guide that I posted specifically for you in this very thread.


Now I did it the right way




Thanks for merging our PR. Tomorrow we are going to open two new cryptocurrency classes. We hope to bring crypto to the third world by the end of the year 2020 where adoption rate will be at least 25%.


@PesaPepe exchange is now live on Ethereum =) you can list via following guide: