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PiedPiperCoin was a free airdrop that was inspired by the show Silicon Valley.

The vision for the coin is to prove that a multimillion dollar ICO is not necessary to build a successful ecosystem for a cryptocurrency. We are currently building two dApps. Our first is a TCR (token curated registry) which is almost done. Our second dApp will be a geocaching dApp that works on iOS with augmented reality. Our project is also planning on building a DAO and decentralized governance in 2019.

We have cultivated an impressive community, over 11k of followers on twitter and 2k of users on telegram. We have over 2,800 unique token holders. I’m attaching links to relevant info:

Article from Coindesk: coindesk.com/is-pied-piper-serious-how-hbo-inspired-cryptos-most-confounding-coin/

Twitter: twitter.com/piedpipercoin

Telegram: https://t.me/OfficialPPI

Tokenomics: We have a 10 million hard cap of the supply of $PPI. Even when the coins forks to a blockchain this will remain constant. We believe in a scarce supply to retain value. Overproduction of many assets leads to a devaluation. We want $PPI to appreciate through the years. The current circulating supply is around 36% of total supply. An additional 10% is locked up in the $PPI foundation account. A large percentage of the coin will be only available through mining or staking. This will depend on what blockchain’s consensus algorithm that we decided to fork.


Welcome! Thank you for the introduction =) great to see interesting projects being developed without the need to raise millions.

I’ve set your links in the post, I believe our forum spam protection is just set pretty high as we have had problems in the past. :+1:




PPI :smiley: one of my first loves =)


Still waiting for that pull request with your beautiful logo and a link to this tread. Meanwhile you can trade here. Enjoy!


PPI trading is now open on Saturn!

Hail Satan