[ANN] What is P3C.io and why did we choose to Launch on Ethereum Classic?



P3C.io is a game that models Universal Basic Income. The rules of the game are simple:

  1. You buy into the contract by purchasing tokens, every token purchased increases the token price by a set amount.(0.00000001 ETC)
  2. 10% of what you spend to buy the token gets distributed proportionally to all other token holders.
  3. When you sell your token, 10% of what you would get back gets distributed to all other token holders proportionally, and the global price per token goes down by the set amount.

This game is completely autonomous, and has no human intervention whatsoever. It is regulated entirely via a smart contract on Ethereum Classic.

  • See our verified smart contract.
  • Learn more on our wiki. We are an open source project always looking for help.

Interested? Here’s how to play:

  1. Acquire Ethereum Classic: you can trade BTC or ETH on Binance for it.
  2. Download the Saturn wallet, which is similar to Metamask.
  3. Go to P3C.io, and buy tokens to start playing. See screenshot.
  4. Check the site periodically, and you can choose to either withdraw your dividends, or reinvest them by buying more tokens and growing the community. Or you can choose to sell and leave the community…

Why did we choose Ethereum Classic?

Because we believe this game has the potential to grow to many players all over the world, we wanted to launch it on a chain that we know is immutable. Ethereum Classic is that blockchain. At some point in the future, people could be entrusting their savings to P3C, and we want to make sure that trust is deserved.

Want to know how it works?

What is Powh3C ? This is a Brand New ETC dapp game on Ethereum Classic Blockchain
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Hi Everybody, This ETC game is an entirely autonomous game of UBI. A fork of the PowH3D contract, on Ethereum Classic. PowH3C is just one portal to the smart contract.

Instructions: Buy tokens, Earn dividends from other players. Try to hold on!

Please use Saturn Wallet to interact (disable Metamask while using).

Please Download Saturn Wallet from chrome web store:



ETC Smart Contract:

Saturn Wallet:

Over 1000 ETC hit the contract already and its only been less than 2 weeks, this is goin to bring alot of volume to ETC and the Blockchain and Saturn.Network . I got some tokens and already have made 10% return on investment , so I can say it has worked for me with great support from Saturn.Network Devs making sure the wallet is alway’s 100 uptime ! What are your thought on this new and exciting game just launched on the ETC blockchain ? :whale:


will also check this one. thanks!


Today, very large changes in the appearance of the site have been introduced. It’s worth taking a look!


It really looks great, amazing work @inder

Loving the green ETC feel!