Announcing Astral Diamonds crypto

  • Name Astral Diamonds
  • Symbol Astral
  • Contract 0x9a145BABB0315F461eD40cB8Cd17523A039e0370
    This idea came to mind when I was playing a videogame on Xbox One called, NeverWinter. It’s an MMO, similar to World of Warcraft, but it’s free to download and free to play. Thousands of players play everyday on PC, XboxOne, Playstation4. Once new players get their bearings and begin to enjoy the game, the game gets more and more difficult. In order to keep leveling up, a player will have to find other players and team up to help eachother complete harder tasks and increase their character’s skillset.
    For the more casual player, or those who prefer to enjoy an easier leveling experience, there are items that can be purchased by using a credit card.
    These items can seriously adjust the difficulty level in the players’ favor and make the experience much easier and less time-consuming. Items vary from mounts, armor, weapons, experience boosters, PVP boosters, etc…
    I wanted to tokenize some of my wealth, so I set aside 21,000,000 astral diamonds for this opportunity. This token may be used as a tradeable asset/store of wealth on Saturn Network, but also, can be used to redeem some of my Astral diamonds at a 1-1 ratio on Xbox. Astral Diamonds are difficult to acquire and generally acquired by completing many tasks(often grueling, taking hours), acquired in-game by purchasing ZEN with a credit card from the game developers and then trading for Astral Diamonds at a very low volatility rate which generally equates to approximately 1,000,000 Astral diamonds per $25.00usd-$30.00usd. A person could even use this ETC/Astral exchange service as a means to balance a portfolio. There is much wealth to be generated in NeverWinter with it’s active playerbase Steam charts. If a NeverWinter player chooses to exchange AstralDiamondsETC for Astral Diamonds Xbox, all they must do is respond to this post, or send a message to me and we will make arrangements that day for an exchange that same day or at a time agreed upon. Please let me know if this is useful to you and please let me know what I can add to improve on this idea. I’ll add to this post when adjustments are needed to be made. Thank you all.


I attempted a pull request on Github for the image, but i’ll add it here too.


Interesting idea! Good luck, definitely feel like there is a niche & use case for tokens in the gaming industry. Hope to see a website up soon :slight_smile:


Thank you for the welcome, @Samr! Will definitely launch a webpage for this project as we soon will be able to provide Astral Diamonds exchange services on PC and PS4. Thanks, all.


One other thing, did the pull request work for the coin’s icon, or shall I try again? When I initiated the request, I had not listed the coin yet, so I’m thinking I should try again now that the coin is listed…? Please and thank you.


Did not see it anywhere but I have uploaded it and submitted a pull request for you, no worries :+1:


Super sweet!


I forgot to show my amount of Astral Diamonds on XB1. We should have 42,000,000 Astral Diamonds on XB1 within a week or two, and we’ll celebrate by scaling onto the Ethereum chain and secure another 21,000,000 Astral DiamondsETH. This will cap our Astral Diamond offering, and secure the currency for investors within our account. Also, I have another cool crypto to share with Astral holders and DAO members, so if you own Astral on ETH and ETC, you will earn an airdrop at 1:1 ratio.


Nice glad to hear you are moving forward! Good luck =)

So if you buy ASTRAL token, you will receive an airdrop of your ETH token or a different one?


Thank you for asking, @sam. If a wallet holds both AstralETC and AstralETH, I have a “thank you for holding” airdrop of a separate ERC-223 coin, which also has it’s own holding incentive, and it’s a fun one! Holding AstralETC + AstralETH = Airdrop 1:1 ratio.
i.e. I hold 10,000AstralETC and I also hold 15,500AstralETH in the same wallet. I will earn 25,500 of the airdropped coin. …and as I said, it’s a fun one, so I’ll use the airdrop tool for SaturnDAO members, because I love you all. LOL (just not sure of drop rate yet for the DAO yet!) ETA is two weeks for things to be said and done. Please inquire about any other concerns because it helps with the product! Thanks, all!


Created a Twitter so please give a follow and learn how profits are made in NeverWinter. You can even mimic the trades, as we only trade for long-term returns, there is plenty of room for more traders.