Announcing Phoenix Crypto Security



Announcing Phoenix (PHX) Crypto. A brand new ERC223 Crypto Security available only through decentralized interaction with our smart contract.

The smart contract address is 0x8900f34372f27ebb5881d4ec6b35844a3655ccfc on the Ethereum Classic Network.

Max Supply is 21 Billion
Decimals: 0

ICO Price is 1000000 PHX / ETC

Please visit us on Telegram @ and join the community.


Nice! Great to see more tokens being created. I will be following for more updates :slight_smile:


Red Phoenix RPX changed their token to PHX on coinmarketcap. Pretty sure there will be some confusion and misguided buyers looking at this thinking its the same token.

Any more details available on the token?


I think it is not big problem, PHX is a token on ETC and Red Phoenix PHX is its own coin.

In any case, this token is very cheap on exchange at the moment =) Sure we don’t know much its a gamble but it does not cost me much. I am interested because it is 0 decimal, unbreakable.

If you must play, decide upon three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stakes, and the quitting time.