Announcing Saturn20 Wrapper

A new Dapp will soon allow you to mint and burn Saturn20 tokens, using our ERC223 token as collateral. Enabling SATURN to be tradable on various DEXs, opening up new markets and further integration with DeFi!

To avoid any confusing on the platform and for Saturn Wallet, we will use the following logo for Saturn20:


We will publish a follow up announcement with a confirmed release date for when you will be able to access the Dapp’s UI and mint Saturn20 tokens easily via our website.

In the meantime would be great to hear what other DEXs our users enjoy trading on!

Future is bright!


Alright! I just happen to have made the second transaction (my first purchase of this token) for the NEW Saturn20 tokens. So, it is live and looks good.

Now I don’t really use any other DEXs. Why use other exchanges when you are already using the BEST DEX ?

I highly recommend everyone getting in on this deal early.

Be sure to check out @Stish

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My SATURN to SATURN20 swap went fine, but selling the latter for ETH doesn’t seem to be working, or rather, seems a little too good to be true. I knew SATURN20 would be highly sought after, but I didn’t expect the instant swap price would bring me over 9 million ETH for my 10,000 SATURN20. Oddly, the transaction doesn’t seem to have gone through, so I’ve put the retirement plans on hold for the moment.


Hey @fhstralow thanks for the support! Just note Saturn20 is not exactly a new token in the sense that we have not doubled our total supply or anything like this. Saturn20 can only be minted by locking up Saturn ERC223 as collateral in the wrapper contract. You can do this easily using the token converter dapp.

  • When you mint new Saturn20 tokens your ERC223 tokens are locked up as collateral in the wrapper contract, effectively, taken out of circulation.
  • When you burn Saturn20 tokens they are destroyed. Only then is the locked up collateral (the ERC223 token) returned.
  • You can compare it to how certain DEXs need you to wrap ETH to trade (WETH).

Yep, sorry about that there was indeed an issue with the pricing for instant swapping Saturn20. We have since identified it and deployed a fix. I think slippage will be quite high for the moment, for an instant swap. I am working on a guide on how everyone can help improve liquidity for SATURN, no fiddling or trading bots required. Just a couple clicks! Will get it published today.


Thanks, Sam, all good now, and it looks like it’s going to be great. Look forward to the updates!

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Thanks! Here is a guide I have published about adding liquidity to our Uniswap pool:

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Ms. @Carol your reply was pretty funny and clever. I am glad that the majority of people that use this network try to always do the right thing even when nobody is looking. There is still hope for the good people of the world.