Astral Gold(GOLD)


Today, we took a step toward the next phase of our roadmap with the creation of
Astral Gold(GOLD).
1,000 Neverwinter Gold has been tokenized and we’ve locked it away to ensure it will never be spent. Brief details regarding GOLD can be found here, and greater detail is in our white paper, which is not finished yet.

In celebration, we acquired some Candy Classic and we’ve gifted some to the wallets that hold Astral Diamonds, and we will gift more when we take another big step forward.
Thank you to everyone, especially the fine folks at Saturn.Network and the smart people who support us.


Nice! Great to hear Astral is growing, so the idea behind Astral Gold is to have a sort of “cold storage” for Neverwinter Gold?


1,000 Gold tucked away and will never be spent. Have a great week, everyone.