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We’re listed on multiple websites, and multiple apps like Blockfolio and, but on these two apps, the Astral token logo doesn’t show up. The Saturn logo also does not show up. I’ve kindly tweeted at both of them and emailed them the token logos, and they responded and were very nice, but it’s been 3 weeks and still no logo appearance.
Ive been hoping to find their Githubs, but no luck.
Any ideas on how to expedite the process? Maybe we’ll just have to wait…?


Nice to see Coinlib listed Astal, congrats! Been trying to get them to list Saturn Network exchange there, but they seem to be quite strict on which exchanges they add :frowning:

For the logo on the portfolio apps, I was not able find an answer for this either, but maybe we have to go through their request forum? Let’s try:


Hi, @sam! Ok, i’ll see what that link is all about. Bummer to hear about Coinlib being picky about exchanges. I’ll see if I can incorporate some positive awareness for Saturn listings alongside my mission of moving Astral forward. Thank you, Sam!


[email protected]
I’m under the impression that we send an email to:
[email protected]

Attach the standard info.
-token name
-abbreviated name(ticker)
-200x200 png
-maybe add an online image address
-contract addy
…annnddddd that is probably all…


Hey, I resubmitted token logos and all token information to @Deltasupport email. I submitted the logo and info for Saturn Classic DAO token as well. :grinning: We shall see how it goes!! Hopefully they do monthly/weekly updates or something, so we can see our super sweet logos on Delta’s super sweet app, soon!
…and now, for Blockfolio… Hold my beer!


Nice thanks! On the request I made in their forum, they replied:

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Not the place for such a request, but I will make sure it gets added when we update our next logos.

But have not told me where it should normally go :thinking:


Blockfolio is quick and responsive ! they added BCash Classic in just an hour or two with the logo !

You should have no trouble with those guys :slight_smile:


I’ve tried for weeks to contact Blockfolio through Twitter and Emails. They put us in their app, but the logo is stilllll not showing. One day…
Hey, how did you approach them and who did you speak with, @B.Cash.Classic.Token


Spill the beans @B.Cash.Classic.Token ! :wink:


I’m at work but when I get home I will spill all of the beans!!! :yum:


Blockfolio on a Thursday,is on point! I hit them up on Twitter and they responded quickly. Astral logo now shows up. Thanks for the help, guys.