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Airdrop will be delivered after the IDEO :rocket:


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Hello Atlantis eFork Team and Welcome!

Nowadays, there appear entities at right time with right idea. But unfortunately, some of them are at the end of the days scammers.

So, we would find it cool, if you would tell the ETC community more about you :slight_smile:

Thank you!



Hello @a.s and thank you for your nice reception.

Of course, we can´t share our true identities, but we will try to answer all your questions. Everything started with the fact that we have conspired for years in a very close and familiar circle on ETC. We wanted to make our contribution but there was no platform that could make that possible, until yet, so we had to look for alternatives. A long time passed and we too had to follow our daily life routines and follow our obligations. Every one of us has his own core business. Some had their difficulties and worked as an employee and a few were able to afford their own company, although a few really means a few and that was the point we started to think how we can support each other to reach our goals and dreams.
We didn´t just raise funds, also experience. How we came across Saturn.Network? Devlin from the NTRO team introduced us to @iNTROKiNG and everything took its course, @iNTROKiNG promised to support us in everything (concerning Saturn), while at the same time becoming anonymous and successful. We have a wide network of investors who also want to remain anonymous and yet want to use and invest their portfolio for new and innovative projects. We were told about Saturn.Network and its success. Some of our team have previously heard about Saturn.Network but honestly, we didn´t really have it on the screen since we almost had given up hope if It would not have been the NTRO team. We were really close to implementing our project with someone from the EOS community, NEO was also an alternative. But since we are supporter of etc, we haven´t doubted for a second and have decided us for ETC and Saturn, at the end we all are home. We want to connect anonymous investors with new and innovative projects, teams that have no financial means to implement their ideas.
In plain language that means: We bring together investors and ideas, that’s all. What we have from it? We will invest the efork Token in exactly these projects and will also invest every profit received in subsequent projects, thus creating an eco system and each project can expand and grow. In the end the ETC chain becomes a stronger blockchain, which has earned this (IMO) for a long time and now it finally happens.
In addition, we know that the ETC chain doesn´t get any financial support, and great projects like Saturn.Network have done it anyway.
At the ETH2 Berlin, we have met many faces that have great ideas (mostyle dAPP section and sw dev.) but no financial means to implement them, therefore we will support some good guys from the show with our project and let them 1st become startups and 2nd real companies.

Actually, I just wanted to write a few lines, now it’s almost become a newspaper article, so I would say that’s it for now.

Don´t let it get you down, what doesn´t kill you just makes you stronger, we’re here to help new ideas move on.

Thank you guys


Thank you PLATON for your detailation.

I will look forward to reading from your achievements :slight_smile:

And thank you beeing part of the ETC Community.



Q: Why did you take such a misleading name?

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Airdrop is ongoing :rocket:


You might have a very sexy new airdrop tool to use for this soon :wink:

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