Atomic swaps corona

when I create an atomic order, if I use the instant swap price, then I should receive my eth instantly, or I should wait for somebody to create another order?

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If you use the Instant Swap Price then you should receive it instantly because that is the price the protocol can secure your trade for you immediately.

Some more information:

Regarding large orders:

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thanks… so if I instantly put a price lower than the instant swap it should work… correct?

and what if I’m selling Ncov?

thank you

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I mean it should trade immediately using the instant swap price, that is what it is there for. If your order is too big to be filled at that price, then the protocol will execute what it can for you immediately and your order will remain open & active.

Yes, if you were to create buy orders above that price or sell orders under it then those trades should be made instantly also. Have you been facing issues using the instant price? Feedback is always helpful, thanks!

I mean… Yesterday I tried swapping 300k and it said “order too small”, then I tried with 100k and I waited for more than 30 min and it didn’t swap, and then the same with 50k, then since I was waiting more than 30 mins for each order I stopped trying. All this with the instant swap price!

Which is a safe value that I can manage to swap instantly you think? those orders were too big?

thank you

Large orders can be a problem to fill instantly due to how liquidity works, but if you create an Atomic Order and leave it up then the protocol will fill it as it can and you can just leave it open if that is the desired price you are looking for.

Thanks for the report, I can’t see any issues with the instant swap price, but we will continue to monitor.