Attacker Stole 807K ETC in Ethereum Classic 51% Attack

Was just shared in our discord server, very interesting read:

Full analysis here:


And here comes the press:

Not looking so great for ETC, though strangely the price doesn’t seem to have taken a hit as of yet.


Hi @sam I’ve tried to add more etc 2.1014 to get to the 98 Million mark on the hODL Cap and I have a pic yesterday of it hitting that mark but now its back under… good mews is the etc ended up back in my wallet… I’ve tried to add again with a “warning” and a few “failed” attempts… is there anything that can be done? Any info would be greatly appreciated

Thats odd, seems to be working fine. Where are the error messages appearing, in the wallet or on the website?

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The “Warning” and “Failed” are in My ETC wallet which still shows my 10.014 ETC but I am having trouble exchanging for the HODL STRN tokens and I have tried to lower and raise the GWEI amount a few times

That may be due to Saturn Wallet’s gas estimations on ETC displaying what it should be for Ethereum (very high), if you lower the gas price down to 1 GWEI does the warning still come up?

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Thanks Yes it still says the Warning when attempting to submit