Australia Becomes First Western Nation to Ban Secure Encryption


Hello everyone!

Just saw this article & thought I would share it, I believe it reinforces why crypto & decentralization is necessary.

…following a decision by its parliament to pass a bill forcing companies to hand over encrypted data to police upon demand. The government will be allowed to demand this without judicial review or oversight of any kind, beyond the requirement to get a warrant in the first place…

Well that is just scary! Their government is basically demanding a backdoor into any corporation’s data. Companies have a hard enough time building a secure enough system to store data safely without having to include a secret backdoor for governments.

Who could be trusted to set up these backdoors? In my eyes, the answer is no one as the incentive for selling this knowledge on the blackmarket would be very big.

I think the worst part is as soon as a corporation in Australia is able to put this in place “securely” well then governments in other nations will probably use it as an example that it is indeed possible. USA and UK would definitely jump at the chance of making this a legal requirement.