Bcash Classic Token



BCash Classic Token is a faster Bitcoin Cash implemented on an immutable blockchain (Ethereum Classic).

It is designed to be used as a decentralized ‘Real Bitcoin’ token within the Ethereum Classic network.!



what kind of token-distribution do you have? as i can see, its no ico and its also not mintable. blockscout shows very big wallets?



Im in the process of airdropping tokens via the saturn airdrop tool.

There will also be bounties available in the future, most of those funds are reserved for that.


sounds good so far, let us know more details as soon as possible. airdrop incoming =D


Cool! Please tweet when you have finished setting up your airdrop via our tool, would be happy to share it :slight_smile:

Feel free to use our new bounty section to organize your bounty campaign:




Thanks Sam!

I have now announced the AirDrop on twitter and on this forum.

An announcement from you guys would be a fantastic help to get more people trading on saturn!




Website is now live ! :smiley:

Visit @ : https://bcashclassic.info/


Also, feel free to join our telegram !


Great to see your project growing, good luck with your airdrop campaign! Maybe include some bounties to generate some content? A couple of fun tasks such as making a meme or a cool image with your logo, tweeting it out to earn some extra BCHC can help you grow!


We have a bounty campaign incoming hehe…

Stay tuned everyone! Info will be posted in telegram and on twitter and in the main BCHC Thread!


Is your airdrop still going on? I posted my wallet on your airdrop thread.


Yes, AirDrop is active.

I usually wait until there are a handful of people to drop to before dropping :wink:

I shall drop yours shortly!


Or, you know, automatically airdrop to everybody who has already posted their addresses using airdrop tool. It should take about a minute to airdrop to 100s of addresses

and then announce round two of airdrops for the second batch.

You can probably also include Saturn Early Investors addresses into the airdrop to help raise awareness about your token and greatly expand your community.


Thanks. I will be waiting