Beens and Honey

Let me tell you now a story about how the bees found honey :slight_smile:

It started with a bee, born in Russia. The bee dont like the life in Russia anymore because the located people are just focussed on their own good. Thats why the bee went to the USA one day and it likes to be their. All the people who are so much in love, formally with children, are exactly what the bee want to get. The bee like nice people who want just the best for the humainty, because the people love the humanity. Thats why the bee want to be a part of the nation of freedom. All the things what the be could do if he just would rob some money from some idiots… Yeah thats the kind of people who everyone love.

The current society whos working on TikTok are exactly that the bee wants to be. The freedom must be the slave of everyone else, otherwise the russian Bee would never visit the U.S. You better stay alared when the bee comes around, because it wants some honey, and it will get the honeymaker :slight_smile:

…and what does the Fox say? ARRRRGHH…spit…arg…a…
What does the Fox say? I dont understand it?!

Nothing anymore… :frowning:

Chuck Norris ißt kein Honig. Er kaut Bienen :wink: