Berlin / design / etc


so i got here on my research about etc dapps as i was working as the creative director at ETCDEV in 2018 to create the emerald suite. im from berlin and 39 years old.

i jumped on the crypto train way to late cause i mined SETI instead of bitcoins because i believed into the idea that aliens would be cooler than digital gold.

my website

right now i plan a bit my future in the cryptosphere and hope to find another job ( i asked already iohk, iota, augur ) but i think its rough right now … anyway im looking for a smaller team maybe wana start something by myself …

happy to be here to see the progress of this project.


Schöne Grüße aus dem Ruhrgebiet! :slight_smile:

im glad to meet someone like you here. BCT is looking for more supporters. would it be possible to chat with you via telegram / discord or something like that?

best regards,


There’s a DM button on the forum, FYI

click this link - you’ll find it in top right corner

Excited to see your collaboration work out! Would be nice for an ex-ETCDev to keep working on an ETC project rather than IOTA


SETI must have been exciting and boring all at once… :wink:

What type of crypto projects interest you the most at the moment?


in the no-scam kind of …


That is good to hear!