Best VPS Providers for Crypto Trading Bots


Now that we have a growing library of tools and crypto trading bots that would be beneficial to run on a cloud server, I thought it would be a good idea to keep a list comparing different VPS providers for crypto trading bots. One of the unique aspects of running a crypto trading bot is that it will help create a profitable trading strategy that takes advantage of the fact that crypto markets never do sleep.

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My favorite platform was which got bought by AWS and merged into the massive overly complex beast of Amazon. Since it is gone I use Digital Ocean alot and have also used linode and been very happy with both. I literally cried when was gone. I could build environments in seconds for every major coding language and launch whatever for free. Even when I had to start paying it was worth it because it was so easy to get started as their vanilla environments generally worked well without much tweaking but allowed you to tweak as much or little as needed. It was so awesome that AWS bought them I think just to stop the competition. Anyone could easily code from anywhere in the world and launch applications like on heroku but way easier. Anyways I will be building some bots this week I hope and will be using DO… I’ll try to keep notes and maybe even do a start to finish video so people can see exactly how I do it. I’ll be sure to share if it turns out ok. Thanks for the help getting started!


Sam is awesome and has a thorough Digital Ocean walk thru! Thanks man.