Binance "DEX" Website will Actively Censor and Geoblock Users from 29 Countries


In February, we published two pieces that reviewed Binance "DEX" design and architecture choices. Two articles published before Binance DEX release, which proved to be spot on.

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I have said this from the beginning, what WE, and yes I feel I am a small part of this ever growing network, have here is ahead of many sites or I am sorry DEX’s, not sites. This developers launched at a great time and I don’t like governments not allowing freedom of the interweb. We should be able to use the entire web and not be restricted. I guess I have heard about the dark web, but I don’t go messing around there. It is time we all declared our individual independence from the chains that bind us. Blocking 29 countries is insane this day and age. Why make the people suffer. We must never allow the Saturn.Network to become centralized. #Stradog in Gun Barrel City, Texas

Great blog post @Pheme!