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BioCrypt - BIO


Founded in July of 2017, BioCrypt Technologies, Inc is a digital token and platform where end users and businesses are able to leverage the power of Block Chain, as well as RFID and NFC technology to propel themselves forward into a faster and more convenient future. The BioCrypt platform will have a vast number of use cases ranging from payments, authentication, supply chain management, data verification, and security; just to name a few.


Coin: BioCrypt
Symbol: BIO
Contract: 0xf18432ef894ef4b2a5726f933718f5a8cf9ff831


You should add it to our github as well, so you can share a pretty link like this one with their community!


Hi, Neuron. I’d love to, trust me! But i’m having difficulty listing Ethereum tokens. The ERC-20 Approve starts going, but then it doesn’t go any further than that. I’ll try again, but i’ve tried GNT, BIO, DCN(lol), but i’m not giving up! I’ll get it one of these days. Thank you, my friend!

  1. try to disable/enable extension in browser settings and try again. this will ensure that your connection to Ethereum network is working
  2. check ethgasstation for appropriate gas price on ETH network


Oh, heck yeah, bookmarking that site! Disable/Enable extension did help with receiving the SaturnETH airdrop. Will try with token listing. Thank you!


That is the spirit my friend =)