Bitcoin Classic Token (BCT) ERC-223 v2 +Whitepaper 1.1

  • Token Name:Bitcoin Classic Token
  • Symbol: (BCT)
  • Contract:0x3EC00Ee8a4fbE81e7eeA328029ce490654e8e11a

Текстов блок

  • Account System
    As an ERC223 token, BCT uses a traditional Ethereum Classic account. These
    accounts are free and are impossible to hack or to steal from, given that the private
    key has not been exposed. BCTcan be stored in a Ledger Nano, Trezor or any other
    wallet that supports ERC223 tokens.

  • On Classic Ether Network:

  • Smart Contract
    Typically, ERC223 tokens will grant all tokens to the owner or will have an ICO which
    demands that amounts of ETC be sent to the owner for an initial offering of tokens.
    Instead of granting tokens to the ‘contract owner’, all BCT tokens are locked within
    the smart contract initially. These tokens are dispensed, 50 at a time, by calling the
    function ‘mint’ and using Proof of Work, similar to mining bitcoin classic.

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    more minig info in Whitepaper.


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