Bitcoin Monkey Now Available On The Saturn Network, Free Airdrop Still Running

Bitcoin Monkey Now On Saturn Network!

5000BTCM Give-Away.
Free Airdrop Link:

Coin/Token Information.

  1. Token Name ; BitcoinMonkey
  2. Token Symbol : BTCM
  3. Token Total Supply : 20,160,000 BTCM
  4. Token Decimal : 18
  5. Contract Address: : 0x04c7cd246330288a84d2788e8a323cc41206c2eb


The First Cryptocurrency and Social Experiment for Monkeys… and Humans.
The “BTCM” token a community-driven cryptocurrency with no real purpose until projects are selected by our community voting system.
In other news, Monkeys roughly share 96% of human DNA,
So “BTCM” shares 96% the supply of “BTC” or 20,130,000.
64.7% of our token supply is up for grabs through our AirDrop Program.


Bitcoin Monkey is a free token on the Ethereum network that will be distributed
to our early community backers via airdrop, No coins will be sold.
The purpose of Bitcoin Monkey comes down to community interest,
Projects will be created by community members and also voted upon by the community.
These projects if selected and fit necessary will be set into action.
As we ran a free airdrop and didn’t expect any funds,
These project will be funded by the project supply,
which is 23.5% of the total BTCM Supply.
These coins will remain untouched until projects are selected and the community is notified,
These coins will be then sold off and the project brought to life.

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