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Some believe that the early roots of customer loyalty programs started with “premium marketing” in the late 18th century. At this time, American retailers began to give customers copper tokens with purchases that could be later redeemed for products on future purchases.

In 1793 a local merchant wanted to drive more traffic to his business by rewarding his patrons for their loyalty. After several other attempts, he came up with the idea of giving copper tokens to his customers, which they could earn and redeem for items in his store. Just like all great ideas, fostered out of desperation and creativity, he unknowingly ignited the spark that kicked off a billion-dollar industry that continues to grow today.

Here the solution for the loyalty program, ‘Bitcoin Rewards’ BXR will tie up with merchants, gaming companies, small brands, reward mobile applications, total supply of BxR is 100,000,000 and available supply is 100 million only , we want to collect some fund for basic development , your contribution will be helpful to grow this amazing fish on crypto ocean :slight_smile:

I want to create website in github (subdomain) anyone help me to build , looking for co-founder :slight_smile:

You can buy this token here : BUY BITCOIN REWARDS here (BXR)

Looking for some early investors and contributors to make better crypto for the world.

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Qiang Sheng

Bitcoin Rewards (BxR) - Crypto for Loyalty Program

Welcome @Ownism thank you for announcing BxR, will be good to see more information when your website is up.

Saturn Network features automated self-listing, just follow the steps here:

Let me know if you need any help.


We want to make this BXR as community crypto, seeking your contribution and support to make it possible.

You can work with us in your free time, first of all we need one official website, slowly we will take all necessary steps one by one, white paper work already started, if you want to contribute by buying tokens link of the listing given below, your small contribution will make big difference in crypto eco system.

  • Bitcoin Rewards
  • BXR
  • 0x1648C89a6e6ae6250472cAa2F8F1c440c2f714FE

Listing link : Buy Bitcoin Rewards (BxR) here !!!

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Bitcoin Rewards BXR link for exchange - Place your buy orders here !

Can some one help me to upload logo ?




For your logo to be displayed you can upload it to our github:

Let me know if you need any help.


Upload disabled there


Follow the guide :wink: first you need to fork the project’s repository. If you have not used GitHub before feel free to upload your logo here & I can do it for you.


bitcoin%20rewards%20bxr I tried to clone but yet not showing logo, please upload on behalf, thanks :slight_smile:


Can you try to upload above logo ?


Yes, will let you know when it is live. Thanks!


Thank you Sam for this :slight_smile:

Bitcoin Rewards (BXR) info is updated


Hi Sam,

why this error coming while some buyer trying to buy BXR



Not sure, thanks for the report, we will look into it.


Please check and solve this issue ASAP…

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey @Ownism Saturn Network’s DEV team has been able to take a look at BXR, unfortunately, they have informed me that it appears the BXR token is not compatible with the exchange’s smart contract. Did you develop the token smart contract yourself? Saturn Network is only able to support tokens that do follow a valid ERC20 or ERC223 standard, as the orderbook runs completely on-chain.




It is ERC20 Token (verified) i’m wonder how it is not compatible with your contract !


Very sorry for any disappointment! I am not a developer myself, all I can say is that if it was following an ERC20 standard correctly it would be compatible with the exchange.

Does your token have any extra functions or features in its source code? This may be the reason. Maybe compare your token’s source to a token that is trading:

Good luck!