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Some believe that the early roots of customer loyalty programs started with “premium marketing” in the late 18th century. At this time, American retailers began to give customers copper tokens with purchases that could be later redeemed for products on future purchases.

In 1793 a local merchant wanted to drive more traffic to his business by rewarding his patrons for their loyalty. After several other attempts, he came up with the idea of giving copper tokens to his customers, which they could earn and redeem for items in his store. Just like all great ideas, fostered out of desperation and creativity, he unknowingly ignited the spark that kicked off a billion-dollar industry that continues to grow today.

Here the solution for the loyalty program, ‘Bitcoin Rewards’ RxD will tie up with merchants, gaming companies, small brands, reward mobile applications, Maximum total supply of BxR is 210,000,000 and available supply is 100 million only , we want to collect some fund for basic development , your contribution will be helpful to grow this amazing fish on crypto ocean :slight_smile:

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Rafael from EXL Capital

Welcome! Glad you found us :slight_smile: and great to hear you want to list your token. You can list BxR yourself on Saturn Network, just need a dApp browser such as MetaMask, Saturn Wallet or Trust & then follow this tutorial: