Bitcoin-Rigging Criminal Probe Focused on Tie to Tether



Great story, one little detail to pay attention to.

  1. Bloomberg recently started publishing shitty journalism. For example, the story about mysterious chinese surveillance secret mega-neural-forest spy chips was published without any hard proof and accused a company called SuperMicro of being compromised. I highly recommend to read into this link that I posted and follow the trail. Make up your own mind on this topic instead of thinking the thoughts that others put in your head. So far it’s been Bloomberg’s word against Apple, Amazon, SuperMicro, UK cyber security center, United States Homeland Security, as well as one of Bloomberg’s own named sources. Bloomberg has nothing to lose in this story, executives of the named companies may face securities fraud charges for unambiguously lying about this matter. SuperMicro stock is down more than 50% upon publication of this story!

  2. Bloomberg News Pays Reporters More If Their Stories Move Markets

So, what do we have? Bloomberg has a strong incentive across the board, from reporters to senior management, to publish stories that move the markets (and thus leadership can make money trading the stocks), whether they are true or not.

I would not be surprised if the reporter who published this story about bitcoin got a nice bonus for moving the market today.


he treats stable coins as “security”, mirroring his work and his company 1 to 1 like those
“behind the scenes”