Bitcointalk Forum Sorting or Extracting Data


Hi - I realize this is a basic question but I couldn’t find an answer and hence the post.

With Bitcointalk and using this sub-category as an example (but obviously it can be with any forum section), how does one sort by “post creation time” ? Currently you can sort by Subject, Started by, Replies, Views and Last post but I can’t seem to find a way to sort by the time the post was created.

I want to be able to sort like that simply to see when coins/tokens are being added and to be able to quickly know what is new instead of the most recently commented post rising to the top.

I did come across a Twitter bot from a magazine that mentioned which tweets every time there is an original post but that’s not really what I’m looking for.

If there is no way to sort the forum properly, my next question would be then how do others locate or extract the data from Bitcointalk that they require? Whether a third party service or are people coding their own solutions?


If you use an account on the forum then what you could do add &action=unread to the end of the url.

Then it will only show you posts you have never read before, might help you find new ones quicker :slight_smile: you could also add &sortby=date but it will still be by last post I think.

Hope that helps!


Hi - thanks for that idea, it didn’t occur to me that I should have looked for ways to pass different parameters into the URL. Was only thinking about trying to find something on the forum.

Using these two sources, since if you scroll to the footer it shows what forum package they are using:

I was able to come up with this URL that sorts it by most recent post to the top while ignoring when the post was last commented on:;sort=first_post;desc