BitUnits Airdrop

Name of ERC223 token: BitUnits (UNITS)
Total supply: 10,000,000 UNITS
Distribution method: Airdrops and Trading
Token type: Currency
Blockchain: Ethereum Classic
Telegram Group:
Smart Contract address:

To participate in our Airdrop, reply to this post with an Ethereum Classic wallet address.
Please follow @BitUnits on Twitter



Great to see a new token on ETC :slight_smile:

What will it be used for? Or what are your goals for your project?


Hi Samr, BitUnits is a peer to peer rare means of exchange currency with a max supply of 10,000,000 with a 6 decimal precision. No ICO. 50% of the tokens will be distributed to the public in airdrops. 25% will be held in a treasury and the other 25% will be used in the future to recruit devs, improve BitUnits and help ETC grow.


Download Trust wallet, select ETC network and comment with your ETC address and I will send you some BitUnits.


Cool cool! Remember you can also recommend Saturn Wallet to people who want to enter your airdrop :slight_smile:

I would maybe hold off jumping straight into your airdrop campaign without having some solid content or website about your project up. Alternatively people may just assume it is a scam :frowning: If you are planning on this being a kind of grassroots built project, then I would start reaching out to people and see if you can put together a team who are willing to work for some of your tokens & use the 25% development allocation.

  1. I would write something up, to explain your vision for BitUnits and where you think it could thrive, this will help you also when trying to recruit a team. And you will know they understand your goals.
  2. A website or blog to update your progress should definitely be a priority.
  3. If your not a designer then your first bounty should probably be to design a logo in vector format.
  4. Register all the necessary social media handles (even if you do not plan on using them straight away get all the accounts registered on twitter, reddit, facebook, telegram etc!)
  5. Get a roadmap together so that people know where your project is going. Some sort of dApp that uses bitUnits being developed could help people get interested and will help the value of your token in the future.
  6. Announce your airdrop campaign and how you are going to do it, bounty0x may be a good platform to check out they are free and can help you with an airdrop via a telegram bot.
  7. Get listed on Radex :wink:

Thats my feedback, good luck! Feel free to come and ask in our telegram channel if any of our community wants to help your project.


awesome Samr, I will do everything you suggested. I already started working on the website.


does one need a whitepaper for a token?


I would definitely recommend it! Many people prefer having a .pdf document they can download and read about your project & find key information. Some whitepapers are very long and technical, but really it depends on the project. Really it should answer the following:

  • What is BitUnits?

  • Why should we use BitUnits?

  • All token details (standard, total amount, allocation etc…)

  • How will ICO work: what are the dates & do I need to sign up?

  • Roadmap for the future

  • Team information

  • All your contact and social media links.

Probably once you have your website ready and wrote a bit about your project, planned your airdrop then whitepaper should be quite easy to put together.


Ok Thank you so much. I will get back to you once the website is done so you can check it out.


here is the website


Nice to see you are moving along quickly! Another place you can use to advertise and find people who are interested in ICOs on ETC is in this section of the official Ethereum Classic forum:

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Thanks Samr. I will do that.

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Hey Samr, I am trying to get my contract verified on Etherhub but the source code is not matching with the bytecode. do you know another way how I can get this done?

Not too sure about this myself as I am not a developer, potentially @Neuron may be able to let us know how this works. Blockchain explorers though are not as great on ETC as ETH so it may just be something that is not yet working completely on Etherhub’s side.


Ok Samr, thank you very much.

You need to make sure you use the same compiler version and optimizations (yes/no) for both contract creation and verification on EtherHub. If you cannot verify, it is not too late to relaunch the smart contract.

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EtherHub is becoming better and better. You can see that Radex Classic has verified source code.

Thank you @Neuron. But actually, I relaunched the contract copied the code. had optimization on both. Question: do copy all three files of code or just the main youtokenname.sol file?
and for the compiler in my smart contract it is pragma solidity ^0.4.24;
Current version:0.4.24+commit.e67f0147.Emscripten.clang
on eitherhub I chose compiler 0.4.24

I will continue trying.

You need to copy youtoken.sol first, and then replace import statements with whatever is being imported from other files! Does this make sense?

Also, don’t look at pragma. Keep the same pragma as yourtoken.sol. It is the version of compiler that you use in REMIX that matters.

Can you please elaborate on the import statements.

import “./ERC223.sol”;
import “./SafeMath.sol”;

What must I do here? what do you mean by replacing those statements?