BitUnits Airdrop



delete import “./ERC223.sol”; and replace it with almost all lines of ERC223.sol file.

I say “almost” because you do not need to copy the pragma line (you already have one pragma in main file) and you do not copy the import statements either.

Makes sense?


Yes thank you. and discard of import “./SafeMath.sol”; ?


Sorry For Being Such a Noob. I Got it. Thanks Alot


No problem! Yes, you need to do exactly the same thing for safemath


Awesome Thanks.


Hello Neuron, I hope all is well. I have a question to ask. I would like to know how to get Saturn wallet to show BitUnits’ Logo and the details for the currency. How would I get around to doing so?

Thank you


by The way, Saturn Wallet and MEW works great together! Awesome Job with that.
I would love to be Official partners with Saturn Wallet.


Hi, BitUnits! I’m not sure if you want us to have ETC in the wallet, but I just got the Saturn wallet and i’m planning on making a coin for my community, holding my ETC, and moving away from Binance…BNB is too glitchy for me. That’s a pretty good name. Is that the logo you will be using? 0x6263E42eedeC44C1D7d182156D37D4C9674C27a8 Here’s my address, if you can send some this way. I’d like to hold some :slight_smile:


For the logo and details to appear in Saturn Wallet your token needs to be listed on Radex. Of course you can always add any custom to Saturn Wallet with the “Add token” button.

You can definitely make a request here for BitUnits to be listed on Radex, though ideally I think we would want you to have finished your ICO/Airdrop stage before being listed. This way you will have a bigger userbase & following.

Also you need to be wary of immediately listing your token on an exchange, of course, investors want to know it is going to happen but imagine if users immediately dump your token at a very low price. Then your project unfortunately starts with a negative image that may not be recoverable.

I would really focus on building a community around your airdrop/ICO campaign first.

Of course we are more than happy for you to put down on your roadmap that your aim is to be listed on Radex / Saturn Wallet.


Thank you for getting back to me Samr. Ok I will take your advice. though I am not in a rush to get it added.
The main focus now is completing the white paper. Can I ask you to read it after it’s done before putting it on the website?



Sure definitely can do that for you, no problem


Thank you. It will take me a few days. I’m already at 25 pages which needs to be reread and rewritten.


Wow :smiley: Glad to hear your vision is coming together!


Hi Sam, I have finished editing the white paper, can I email it to you or direct message it to you?


Sure private message here should be fine. Thanks!




Sent you some BitUnits




I wouldn’t mind holding onto some BitUnits if youre still giving some away, here’s my ETC address. 0xb3b0c52607e673be878c54695047e713211d7661