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Why is there KYC ? Seem s crazy that you are on the ETC blockchain and then asking for KYC on an airdrop ?


Have you ever held an airdrop before?
The reason for KYC is to prevent bad actors from applying a million times.
try running an airdrop without KYC you will see what I am talking about.
you will get 1 person that will have a ton of email addresses apply a multitude of times.
If you can think of another method to do it, I am listening.


Nano (XRB) did an anonymous airdrop using a “captcha faucet”. Namely, in order to be eligible for the airdrop you had to solve a captcha every hour.

The initial distribution of XRB was performed through “manual mining” limited via a captcha. The distribution rate was 17 XRB (Raiblocks) per hour per ip4.

You can use proof-of-work based captchas to make things more cryptographically secure and resistant to botting, such as coinhive that uses XMR mining for proof of work. Maybe one day @Pextron will make BCT-powered captcha.


honestly never had to fill an kyc for an airdrop…

& asking for a passport / drv licence or ID card ? Who are you, the CIA ?

Find it strange esp as Saturn Network exchange has a great airdorp feature


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