BitUnits Crypto Dragonz


BitUnits Digital Collectibles: Crypto Dragonz

In a distant region of the Milky Way galaxy, on Terra Draco, a planet 2x the size of the earth, in a binary star system, lives an alien race of Dragons. For centuries, many generations of two kingdoms, have been in a never-ending war.

One kingdom ruled by the ruthless King Draco, who wants complete dominion over the land and its people.
While the other kingdom in the east ruled by the kind noble King Ramoth, who wants peace but must defend his people from the tyrant King Draco.

This war has plagued Terra Draco for long enough, King Ramoth needs your help.
Please find the BitUnits Crypto Dragonz, Unite them, train them, level them up and make them stronger.
With your help, King Ramoth and his army can hold Draco’s hoard, while your Crypto Dragonz and the Peacekeepers
infiltrate Draco’s Kingdom, take him captive and end his reign.

BitUnits Crypto Dragonz, are unique collectible tokens, each with their own ERC223 smart contract and unique characteristics and special abilities. Discover the magic, collect the legend and become a master of the BitUnits Crypto Dragonz.

Disclaimer: Gen. 1 ver. 0.1, Crypto Dragonz are only collectibles. Battling and levelling up will be featured in future versions of Crypto Dragonz.

Are you a solidity or video game developer?
Want to help us with this project?
Contact [email protected]


Wow! Very cool looking project =)

Nice to see something around crypto collectibles starting on ETC.

Good luck!


Thanks, I would love to turn it into a 3D RPG game on a side chain to ETC in the future. Need to see if people like it , then I will build on it. I don’t see why I should limit the brand to one thing.

The future is bright. Build.


What are the token standard’s for these? i see now erc20.
When I think collectables I think erc271 tokens


ERC223 if they become a thing I will switch to ERC721 or ERC1155.


its erc223


Good luck, when you get a website up for them that should help.


I see blockscout shows erc20 so had me confused.



yeah I think everything is ERC-20 on Blockscout.


read code. :wink:


yes. don’t believe the labels you see online :slight_smile:


Very awesome! So, is there a guide on how to level them up?


Sup bro? you like?
Battling is coming in 2019.


I’m no pro economist, but 5 ETC for a dragon that we can evolve/battle is a good deal. I played two MMO’s and most people had spent $5,000-10,000 on their characters. Implement a way the dragons can earn us Ether or Saturn Classic and these suckers will be way too expensive for my blood! This actually inspired me. Thank you for that.


cant seem to figure out how to actually get one. I have BPOWR, the link on the crypto dragons website only brings you to saturn network main page.


all ETC assets can be found here

just use search!

i.e. NRNG1


sorry, I’m missing something, how do you purchase? I see the contract etc. it doesn’t show up in the saturn network list of tokens, not seeing a way to purchase any of these.


Are you using Saturn Wallet or Trust App?

If you scroll down the list of ETC assets you will see each Bitunits Crypto Dragonz has been listed individually, as they are all a unique ERC223 token.

They are quite easy to spot as they have little dragon logos:

Going through the list, yes it does appear none currently have a sell order you could buy immediately. You could always create a buy order and see if someone will sell to you. Not really sure on the status of this project, may want to see if @BitUnits can give us an update.