BitUnits Titan Loyalty Program for Trading ETC on Saturn Network


The BitUnits Titan will be distributed to traders of Saturn Network for transactions of 1 ETC or more.
Titan is a Super scarce ERC223 token with a total supply of 10,000 (TITAN)
1,000 will be held by BitUnits Club.
1,000 will be distributed to loyal BitUnits club members.
905 will be distributed to the 181 Unique Saturn (ETH) investors. 5 TITANS/Investor
The Balance of 7,095 TITAN tokens will be distributed to ETC traders.
The rewards program will start on OCT. 22 2018 and will end once the 7,095 TITANS have been distributed.

When a user trades 1 ETC or more on Saturn.Network
The trader will earn 1 TITAN Per ETC transaction no matter how much ETC was spent as long as it is over 1 ETC.
This only applies to Users spending ETC to purchase tokens on Saturn Network. Token Traders will not be awarded, TITAN.

Ex. John Spends 1 or more ETC to buy UNITS/SATURN/BCT…
John is only rewarded with 1 TITAN per transaction.
The Seller of The UNITS is not awarded any TITAN tokens.

Token name: BitUnits TITAN
Smart contract: 0x690d4d5e3722e140fca16e25e7a579588d93eb75
Symbol: TITAN
Decimals: 18

To learn more about BitUnits Club visit our main site and BitUnits.Info

List of Assets (ETC)

If it wasn’t for BitUnits, i’d jump off a bridge and end it all, right now! LOL JK, but you guys are great. I’m glad to be in the same atmosphere as you and the Saturn/Radex team!


Rules changed on 10/21/2018 11:55am EST


Nice to see another token on ETC, and this is probably the first super scarce one? Though it would be cool to see another team move onto ETC at the moment it looks like it is only @BitUnits & @Pextron with BCT leading the charge, where are these developers hiding? That is the question!

Will be interesting to see how fast that 7,000 TITAN is distributed! Good luck =)


Thanks Sam. Yeah the devs are afriad of the bear markets. when it is the best time to BUIDL.



Trading has started!