BitUnits Whitepaper, Please review and give us your feedback


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I figured i’d say the airdrop is going very well, from what I see, and the name/logo/owner of the coin is all good stuff from what I can tell. Bullish!


Hello! Great job on your progress, can see your telegram group is gowing :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply, just got a bit busy, here is my feedback:

  • Definitely can work on formatting to make it much easier on the eyes and easier to read, at the moment it really ressembles a wall of text. Remember not everyone’s first language is English so anything you can do to make it easier to read is good. Create sections with headings and subheadings, and make sure you format them so readers know they are titles.
  • Table of contents can be added once you have the sections set up.

As you want BitUnits to be an easy way for people to be introduced into the world of crypto, I understand why you have decided to put in a lot of information about how Ethereum works, but many who are not new to crypto may want to just skip this section and jump straight into the The Birth of Bitunits part of the whitepaper to find out really what your project’s stands for, which at the moment is very difficult to find. I think with sections and a table of contents, it will be much easier to find the information.

Hope that helps!


Thank you Sam, I will update the format of the whitepaper and add a table of contents. Yes the group is growing faster than I expected. I will be bringing all of them to Radex once we are ready. Thank you guys for all of the support.


BitUnits Whitepaper (new version)