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Contract :0x278aE6f52CE72B0df6CBa451534b87846ACC9D65

Symbol :BPER


BPER contribution to this great will be to attempt to
introduce a new payment gateway for Textile and garment
Industry purpose.With the current growth of blockchain
technology, Smart Contracts are clearly becoming the
future of our financial system. From creating an
Insurance, a token or a complete election voting system,
blockchain technology is now allowing anyone anytime
anywhere to replace and disrupt complete market sectors,
and all of this with just few lines of code. Whole
government functions and institutions are now being
created with what we call trustless trust, without any
central authority in the middle to block it.BPER works with
smart contracts on the Ethereum. Ethereum’s Smart
Contract is to eliminate counter party risk and allow fast
secure payments to all Textile and Garments industry .
Bper is ERC-20 Based coin for secure and fast
transaction. We are Introduce beeper for textile and
garments Industry .


Welcome :slight_smile: Thank you for your announcement for BLACKPANTHER. Interesting, not sure I have seen any other projects trying to bring blockchain to the textile industry.

Great to see many more tokens finding our platform, hope we can help BPER grow and your project be successful.

Good luck!


Hey @BPER I have shared your listing to our community :+1:

Feel free to share!