Black Pearl & Daily ETC number 1&2 respectively



Black Pearl as gained rapid movement over the past week, previously our very small community played Black Pearl and used it for safe keeping of our ETC, but now with other groups from Ethereum noticing what a great thing we have here, they also have jumped on board and joined us on a mission to make ETC dapps the best out there for investors to play and make ETC. Black Pearl is a POWH3D but on Ethereum Classic but with a slower token growth leaving less room losses + plus the community hardly ever sell.
You paid 20% in and 10% out. and after 3 months its still only 3c a token
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Daily ETC last night 20th October Daily ETC broke all records for the DApps on the Ethereum Classic Network, soon after launch we seen over 5,000 ETC deposited into the new Exchange where you pay a 30% dividend to get in and this i split between token holders… a small percentage of this goes back to Black Pearl Meda holders so both sites benefit from each other.
These 2 platform have taken over the two top spots and for the future we expect big numbers to come in great numbers.
link for the DAILY ETC exchange